Start Elevator: Giving New Yorkers a Safe Ride

Start Elevator is based in Bronx, New York, and is proud to serve all five boroughs. John O’Shea founded the company in 1992 upon the premise that all customers are created equal, no matter the size of the job, and are deserving of exceptional service, top-flight workmanship and hgh-quality products. The company constantly strives to achieve all three of these goals. Total customer satisfaction is another of the company’s chief aims; all 85 current staff members, including ownership, believe in being “hands-on” when it comes to customer interaction, job-site workmanship and problem rectification.

The company feels that, in large part, its success is incumbent upon its family-owned and -operated philosophy that harks back to a time when someone’s handshake was as good as a contract. Start Elevator also believes that no two situations, or customers, are exactly alike. So the company personalizes all of its services to ensure each customer gets just what he or she needs or wants. Because of the company’s policies and its dedication to excellence, it fits right in with the precepts of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, which stress teamwork, accountability and a near-fanatical desire to improve constantly.

In addition to improving its service and quality, the company is also seeking to expand its sphere of influence throughout the tri-state area and increase its annual sales. The company wants to, through this expansion, become a leading provider of elevator maintenance and upgrades to New York City and environs. By combining this goal with its other goals, Start Elevator wishes to build a serious competitive advantage in the marketplace.

By endeavoring to improve itself through implementation of its goals, the company has grown to accommodate $16 million worth of projects annually. Some of these projects are small, costing roughly $50,000, while others involve capital totaling nearly $4 million each. The company comprises five departments, maintenance, repair, modernization, construction and testing/violation all of which operate simultaneously. The “hands-on” approach favored by the company allows management to oversee jobs performed by either branch in the field, which increases productivity and quality and, indirectly, customer satisfaction. Even the owner himself gets involved in working directly with customers on job sites.

In an effort to highlight its dependability, Start Elevator also takes pride in showing up on time, completing all work it promises and sticking as close to budget as possible. The company wants all of its customers to be able to rely on it for not only the job at hand but also future projects. Such dedication has resulted in the company winning several awards, which include the 2000 Bridges to Success award, which rewards the entrepreneurial spirit shown by significant growth and fiscally sound expansion. Start Elevator also partners with other organizations, such as Bottom Line.

Because the company wants to be involved in the community as more than just an elevator service, it donates regularly to Ronald McDonald House in New York City. Not only did the company install two elevators there free-of-charge, but it has also donated generously the charity that supports families of sick children undergoing treatment. In 2011, the owner of Start Elevator heard of an 11-year-old boy named Livan Fernandez who had trouble reaching his physiotherapy appointments because of a broken elevator. Mr. O’Shea offered to repair the broken elevator in the Livan’s building and, in a similar way to what he had done for Ronald McDonald House, performed the work gratis.

The combination of office personnel, field workers, foremen and women and construction, modernization and repair teams all work together to make Start Elevator a successful, vibrant and growing business that tries to serve the tri-state area outstandingly. Because the company trains its workers all the time to keep up with all applicable technological advances and procedural improvements, it strongly believes it can accomplish any elevator-related task that might arise.

In all it does, Start Elevator aims to:

  • Provide levels of service of which it can be proud
  • Use only state-of-the-art tools, products and methods
  • Maintain a highly trained and motivated workforce
  • Take a “hands-on” approach and present a familial atmosphere in all customer relations
  • Be an integral part of the tri-state community through community outreach and charitable work
  • Expand its business and influence throughout the five boroughs and increase its sales beyond the current level of around $18 million