Are you Breaking Any Elevator Etiquette Rules?

Every day, thousands of people ride elevators. It can be an uncomfortable few minutes if you are stuck with someone who is rude or who is scared of elevators. Make sure you are not the problem by following these rules of elevator etiquette.

  1. While you are waiting. As you wait for the elevator, make sure you stand to your right as you face the elevator. This allows plenty of room for the people on the elevator to exit before you try to get on and prevents anyone from bumping into each other.
  1. Stepping off and then back on. If an elevator arrives and is not crowded, enter and go to the back corners. All of the corners should be filled first so new riders have an easier time getting on. If the elevator is crowded, the people closest to the door should step off at each floor and hold the door for others to exit. If you are one to step off and are going to a much higher floor, try to work your way to the back of the elevator so you are not in everyone else’s way as they try to get off the elevator.
  1. Who pushes the buttons. If you happen to be the person closest to the panel of buttons, you have a job to do. Each time someone gets on, smile and ask them what floor they need. This keeps everyone from reaching around each other to push buttons. If there are two button panels, whoever is more outgoing can have the official button pusher job.
  1. Carrying large bags. Everyone has times when they are carrying huge bags or packages when they are on an elevator. The best thing to do is place the bags on the floor near your feet because legs are narrower than the rest of your body. When it is time for you to get off, carry the bags as low as possible.
  1. Be polite. Your parents taught you to say please and thank you. Being polite in an elevator can go a long way in making your ride more enjoyable. If someone holds the door or pushes the button, say thank you. When you get on, tell the person who is pushing the floor button your floor number and say please. Some people will not respond to your politeness and that’s ok. You know you did what was right.
  1. Talking. Most people go into a zone when they get on an elevator. You can smile and say “good morning” as you enter, but don’t be offended if no one answers back. If you are with someone when you get on the elevator, talk quietly to each other or wait until you are off the elevator before you continue the conversation. Most cell phones will not keep a signal on an elevator, but if yours happens to keep working, wait until you are alone to continue your conversation.
  1. Wait for another car. If the elevator arrives and is full, wait for the next one. It is so rude to crowd onto the car. If you are truly in a hurry, take the stairs instead of waiting for the next one.

Elevator etiquette does not have to be hard. Be polite and friendly to the other riders and you won’t have to worry about being the one no one wants to ride with.