Elevator Business Boom Predicted

Business analysts, along with the Bureau of Labor, foresee a steady climb in the need for elevator technicians. Some estimates put the growth at a staggering 25 percent a year until 2022. With more and more high-rise buildings going up all the time and all of the innovations happening worldwide, this is hardly surprising.

To get started, aspiring entrepreneurs should check out the market in the city where they wish to begin. From there, it’s easy to make a decision about starting one’s own business to franchising a larger company or even taking over an existing company. Even though it might take a while, having a coherent plan in place is essential and makes the process as smooth as possible.

Warning to Elevator Surfers: Stay in the Car

In today’s world of adrenaline-pumping extreme sports and a culture that discourages boredom, some people are turning to new pastimes that dangerous enough to get them killed. Elevator surfing, where a passenger climbs on top of an elevator car and rides it up and down, is one such activity.

Why is it dangerous? Anyone on top of the car doesn’t know which floor called the car. If it just happened to be the top floor, it will be undoubtedly fatal. Also, many elevators save both money and wear and tear by using large counterweights that ride along tracks on the walls of the shaft. The counterweights move at least as fast as the elevator itself and will shear off body parts that get too close to them.